• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Helmet Schuberth M1

Helmet Schuberth M1

The company continues to develop the technology Schuberth head protection and unveiled a new helmet Schuberth M1, which has an innovative design that combines safety, aesthetics and functionality. Experts Schuberth helmet Schuberth M1 developed by analogy with its other products, including tests in a wind tunnel. As a result, we got a helmet, which is optimized drag, as well as reduced noise, compared to other open helmets.

Features Schuberth M1:

  • System Schuberth STRONG (Lightweight and durable shells)
  • a single-layer EPS
  • 7 color shells, 2-color lining, 5 colors visor, sun visor 5 shades
  • Communicator Schuberth Rider (SRC -System) based on the Cardo (the bundle includes a pre-installed speaker and microphone with noise suppression)
  • the approximate price: 550 $


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