• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hackers broke into the Tesla Model S

Hackers broke into the Tesla Model S

Why hack the car in the last days gained such popularity? The reason is that yesterday, on Friday, the annual conference on cybersecurity Defcon. And access to the car through the infotainment systems of today is a serious problem not only car manufacturers, but also consumers. Recently, hackers demonstrated how easily you can remotely control Jeep Cherokee , and now the turn of the Tesla Model S .

Two researchers have discovered that they can connect to your network cable car laptop and control the functions via software commands. But that’s not all. They were able to run the “Trojan” to control the Tesla Model S remotely, even while driving is the driver.

The vulnerability was discovered by co-founder and CTO of mobile security firm Lookout Kevin Mahaffey and security researcher Mark company CloudFlare Rogers.

Both the hacker confirmed that to break the system requires an initial physical access to the vehicle and infotainment system. They found that the infotainment system to use an outdated browser affected by the vulnerability that allows attackers to remotely control the car.

In general, hackers found six vulnerabilities Tesla Model S and the automaker said. In response, Tesla Motors has released a patch and has taken various measures to address the six vulnerabilities.