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Electric car Nissan Leaf want to make a crossover

Electric car Nissan Leaf want to make a crossover

Nissan does not exclude that may expand the model line of the popular electric car Leaf , reports Autocar. As the executive vice president of brand Trevor Mann, in the future, this car is available in two versions – a five-door hatchback and a crossover.

The top manager said that at present the project has not yet received a “green light.” “The new generation will be a hatchback. Later, however, we may not limit ourselves to a single Leaf », – said a top manager.

Currently, Nissan is finalizing an updated version of the popular electric vehicle Leaf. The premiere model is to be held in August 2015. The car will get a new battery, high-capacity. With this power reserve restyled model will rise to 201 km.

In addition, Nissan has launched a new generation of electric car Leaf. The premiere of the vehicle to be held in 2017. Cruising “top” versions on a single electric models will be increased to 402 km.

Leaf appeared in the European market in early 2011. Two years later the electric car has received the update package. Going car factory in the UK Sunderland. Under the hood of the car is set 110-hp electric motor, which enables the model to accelerate to 144 kilometers per hour. Cruising on a full charge is no more than 160 kilometers away.