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Dodge abandon 717-horsepower engine Hellcat four years

Dodge abandon 717-horsepower engine Hellcat four years

The company Dodge will refuse to use their models 717-horsepower V8 engine in 2019. The reason will tighten the requirements for fuel consumption and harmful emissions from cars. It is reported by GT Spirit.

In addition to the 6.2-liter “eight” supercharged Hellcat, in Dodge are going to give up the installation on their cars 6.4-liter V8. These engines will be replaced by a twin-turbo six-and four-cylinder engines.

Now the engine is installed on the Hellcat Challenger coupe and sedan Charger. The motor is combined with either six-speed manual or a vosmidiapazonnoy automatic transmission. “Chardzher” with this engine a quarter mile (402 meters) in 11 seconds, and acceleration from zero to 160 kilometers per hour and the subsequent complete stop sedan takes about 13 seconds.

Earlier it was reported that more one model of the alliance will receive FCA motor Hellcat – SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee. 717-horsepower engine is going to be installed on the “charged” version, which will be called Trackhawk. This modification of the model can accelerate from zero to 96 kilometers per hour in less than three seconds.


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