• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Custom Indian Black Bullet Scout

Custom Indian Black Bullet Scout

Jeb Skolmen (Jeb Scolman), which in 2014 built a custom “Spirit of Munro” in honor of the release ThunderStroke 111, prepared a new draft Indian Black Bullet Scout.

Jeb got motor Indian Scout and simple terms of reference under which the chassis manufactured in the style of Bonneville racers late 50’s early 60-ies. He also established a small cone, which has been a characteristic feature of motorcycles of that era. Custom was very compact, despite a 1200 cc engine.

Features of Indian Black Bullet Scout:

  • custom fairing
  • klipony
  • custom boards, mounted on the rear axle
  • a miniature saddle
  • custom exhaust manifold
  • black painting, and more

Custom Indian Black Bullet Scout will be submitted for presentation at Sturgis (July 31 – August 8). In addition, the bike was built for racing at Bonneville to continue the tradition of Indian Scout.