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Cadillac XTS will continue to live in China

Cadillac XTS will continue to live in China

The issue in the near future to market the new sedan Cadillac CT6 speaks about termination of his predecessor. According to sources at GM, Cadillac XTS are sold well in China, so it will continue production until 2018, or even until 2019.

«China – the second largest market for the Cadillac brand, and certainly one of the most large and attractive markets for premium car segment in the world, why it is so important to us – said Don Butler (Don Butler), said in 2012, vice president of marketing for Cadillac. – It is projected that by the end of the decade, about half of all sold in the world of luxury goods in all categories will be sold in China is ».

Cadillac increased presence in the Chinese market in 2012 was a result of the impressive growth of the brand. From the time a modest debut in China in 2005 Cadillac brand is constantly strengthening its position. In 2011, China had sold 30 000 cars Cadillac, while in 2010 – only 17 000.


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