• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bugatti Veyron successor will bring in at Pebble Beach

Bugatti Veyron successor will bring in at Pebble Beach

The sport car Bugatti Chiron, which is positioned as the successor to the Veyron, seen at the airport in Los Angeles. It is expected that there will go to a sports car competition of elegance at Pebble Beach (California), where it will be shown to potential customers.

The design of new products will look like a model Veyron, however 90% of the machine will consist of new or upgraded parts . In Europe, the price of a sports car will start from 2.1 million euros. The new car will be the only model in the line of the brand Bugatti, Veyron current generation will be removed from the assembly line in 2015.

The car will receive a large rear wing, enlarged air intakes and new optics. The sports car will be equipped with 8.0-liter gasoline engine W16. Motor will complement the four turbines, two of which are electric. With this power sporkara make 1500 horsepower. The engine will run in conjunction with the seven-speed transmission with double clutch.

Up to 100 km / h model can be dispersed for 2 seconds. The maximum speed – 450 kilometers per hour. With an impressive performance in power and dynamics of the car will comply with Euro-6.