• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bruno Senna will train the owners of McLaren P1 GTR

Bruno Senna will train the owners of McLaren P1 GTR

The former Formula 1 driver and nephew of the legendary “Brazilian Magic” Senna, Bruno, will teach the art of aerobatics race track owners McLaren supercar P1 GTR .

The program track training organized by McLaren to P1 GTR owners can improve their driving skills, and the maximum use of the vehicle. Selected lucky consult Technology Centre McLaren, the train on the race simulator, and then toured the F1 circuit to train with professional racers. One of them will be Bruno Senna.

Recall-track coupe McLaren P1 GTR 50 kg lighter than the road version, it has a different exhaust system Inconel and titanium, which is 6.5 kg lighter than the standard, and instead of the usual polycarbonate side windows are installed. In addition, conventional glass roof of the civilian version of the British replaced by carbon fiber.

If you pay attention to the purely technical features of the P1 GTR, it is impossible not to mention the enhanced powertrain, which used parts, used exclusively in the sport, as extended on 80 mm track and reduced by 50 mm ground clearance. Separate works engineers spent on improving the aerodynamics of the car and to improve the cooling system components and assemblies. And at P1 GTR special 19-inch alloy wheels with fastening nut on one, and instead of standard tires – slicks Pirelli.

Interestingly, the McLaren P1 GTR wing instead of drawer – fixed mounted at a height of 400 mm on the rear. Accordingly, the clamping force is generated constantly. Moreover, the British provided him with a system similar to DRS, which is used in Formula 1. Pressing the angle of attack of the wing falls from 32 to zero degrees, which gives tangible addition to speed on the straights. In a normal situation, working with the aerodynamic elements mounted at the front and on the doorstep, at a speed of 240 km / h, it creates downforce equivalent to 660 kg (10% more than the road version).

Well, and most importantly – the driving force behind the McLaren P1 GTR acts hybrid propulsion system consisting of a 3.8-liter petrol V8 with two turbines and the electric motor. And if the road version of the model, the total return of the installation was 916 liters. a., that the track is a modification of exactly 1,000 “horses”, 800 of which gives the engine, and the remaining 200 power – electric motor. To accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h takes only hypercar 2.5 seconds.