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Audi showed the lights of the new generation A4

Audi showed the lights of the new generation A4

Audi has released a video, which focuses on LED headlamp head light new generation A4 . Car sales are to begin in the autumn of 2015.

The basic version of the car will be equipped with xenon headlamps Plus. For a fee, they can be replaced by LED optics. Headlamp composed of 12 diodes, which consume only 20 watts. When the dipped work 11svetodiodov. The control unit changes the light beam depending on the data that are received from a special camera. Total diodes can change the brightness in 64 variants. Because of this, the car owner will be available a few million combinations of LEDs.

In addition, Audi has developed optics Matrix OLED. Each unit includes two electrodes which are composed of several layers of superfine organic conductive material. When a current with a small voltage, they begin to glow a different color depending on the molecular structure.

In contrast to the spotlight, LED OLED provide a more uniform illumination. Besides, they do not need reflectors or similar optical components and the cooling system. This succeeded in greatly facilitate the design of lighting.

Also, Audi is creating a new matrix head optics with laser light. The technology is called Matrix Laser and in the future will appear on production cars of the brand. Compared with the conventional matrix optics new development will be different high dynamic resolution.

Each module lights engineers to install four laser diodes with a diameter of 0.3 millimeters. They form a single monochrome blue light beam by means of which the phosphorus converter is converted to white. Searchlight beam is activated at speeds above 60 kilometers per hour.

It is noted that at low speed the light projected on the road in a wide range at a short distance from the car. When driving at high speeds will mirror a situation in which a beam of light is scattered less to concentrate on the road and increase the range. In addition, the system using cameras and sensors detects oncoming vehicles and automatically dims the light.

In recent years, Audi has invested in the development of head optics tens of millions of euros. LED running lights, which recently began to appear on the models of the budget segment, it came up in Ingolstadt. In 2004, the Audi A8 is the first car equipped with LED daytime running lights. Within 4 years the Germans have developed a full-LED headlights, which received the Audi R8.