• Today is: Saturday, April 29, 2017

Apple is developing an unmanned vehicle

Apple is developing an unmanned vehicle

The company Apple’s secrecy is developing a car that will travel without a driver, writes The Guardian. The newspaper found evidence of rumors about the project.

From this it became known that the company’s specialists really develop a model of an unmanned vehicle in Silicon Valley.

It is assumed that the first model car is almost ready and will soon be conducted her tests. It is planned to use an unoccupied military base GoMentum station, which previously conducted tests Mercedes-Benz and Honda.

The base is located near San Francisco with 30 km of roads with intersections, w / d crossings, bends and interchanges.

The station is closed to civilians and guarded by the military, which makes it a convenient place for secret trials, the newspaper notes.

Recall that in July, the US IT-corporation came another veteran of the automotive Industry, who gave 28 years of cars, Douglas Betts. Previously, he served as vice president of carmaker Fiat Chrysler, and General Director of the Japanese automaker Nissan Motors Manufacturing.

Apart from him, the last time at Apple went a number of experts on cars. In particular, the corporation joined Johann Yungvirt, former head of the R & D division Mercedes-Benz, and Mujeeb Ijaz, Chief Engineer Developer batteries A123 Systems, as well as the famous Swiss expert on cars, robots Furgeyl Paul and others.